Exclusive Luxury Carpets by Aydah Merza

Aydah Merza: Collector and Merchant of Beautiful Oriental rugs, carpets and tapestry’s

Aydah is a Kuwaiti collector and merchant for unique luxury Oriental rugs and because of her consummate knowledge of and innate passion Aydah’s name has become synonymous with Oriental rugs, carpets and tapestries throughout the region. Aydah is regularly sought out by potential buyers due to her ability to accurately appraise the quality and value of a piece as well as her insight into maintaining a beautiful rug.

As a child, Aydah visited her grandmother every summer in Tehran. On a seemingly normal summer day, Aydah went with her grandmother to the bank, naively thinking that they were there to make a simple withdraw. However, when they arrived at the bank, Aydah’s grandmother asked the attendant to take them to the basement. Confused yet trusting, she followed her grandmother to the basement of the bank where she encountered heaps of valuable Persian Carpets that the bank apparently stored for their customers’.

Aydah watched in amazement while her grandmother carefully unrolled her beautiful carpets to air them out. It was at that point that Aydah began to realize the incredible financial and emotional value that Persian carpets held. From that day on, Aydah’s appreciation for this art grew strong and deep. She clearly recalls as a child that while most of the other children her age were busy playing outside, Aydah was more interested in attending the Persian Carpet Bazaars. This exposure at a young age left an indelible influence, thus nearly guaranteeing that she would follow on to become a successful merchant collector.

Tragically, in 2006 Aydah was involved in a serious car accident. As a result of the injuries that she sustained in the accident, Aydah was forced into early retirement from her job at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. One week after receiving her retirement letter, she embarked on a trip to Iran.

As fate would have it, on a sunny day in Iran, Aydah’s life was changed when she spotted a beautiful tapestry in the carpet shop across the street. While purchasing this beautiful tapestry, it became clear to Aydah that she was thoroughly enjoying every moment of the experience. Everything from the simple, yet exhilarating, task of purchasing her first piece to the rare experience of establishing a deep emotional bond with the shop owner reminded Aydah that this craft was her true passion.

Aydah’s desire to fully understand her craft has taken her to some of the most remote locations. It is at these locations where Aydah has learned firsthand everything there is to know about her art. Aydah’s uncanny ability to decipher the quality, type and origin of the piece comes from her profound knowledge in the weaving and dying techniques along with her understanding of the various materials required to construct beautiful rugs and carpets.

Aydah maintains strong friendships and working relationships with some of the most renowned Oriental rug and carpet producers in the world. Furthermore, she is the official agent and distributor for the following distinguished houses and labels:

Mohammed Serafian, Akbar Mehdee, Mohammed Faythallah Hagheeghee, Hassan Dardashti, Hussein Kasheezad, Habib Bayat, Ali Forzan and Mohammed Hussein Erami

Aydah continues to travel the world sourcing unique pieces. Whether visiting the regions where the pieces are produced, congregating with renowned experts at the most prestigious trade shows & exhibitions or simply attending an auction, Aydah’s travels have taken her to Iran, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, Switzerland, Germany and England

During the first week of every January you can find Aydah at one of her many exhibitions in the finer Kuwaiti art galleries. It is at these galleries that, upon request, Aydah can advise on the procurement of Oriental rugs, carpets and tapestries. Interested collectors can have their products sourced and shipped to them anywhere in the world.

Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian

Grand Master Mohammad Seirafian is the founder of the Seirafian Carpet along with his father Haj Reza Seirafian. He is truly the greatest designer and producer of the Persian Carpet of the twentieth century.
Princess Ashraf Pahlavi

Special Carpet made for PrincessAshraf Pahlavi, is the twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran and a member of the Pahlavi Dynasty. She currently resides in Paris, France. Princess Ashraf is the oldest living member of her family.
Oprah Winfrey

A Special carpet gift to Oprah Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer.
H.H Queen Rania Of Jordan Carpet

A Special carpet gift to H.H Queen Rania Of Jordan form Ayadah Merza

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